OUT OF STH vol.3


OUT OF STH vol.3 is a simultaneous urban scene which is a continuation of the famous and award-winning exhibition originally shown under the same title in 2008 in Wrocław – the first Polish and international presentation of urban art in the context of gallery exposition of contemporary art.

It presents a wide spectrum of aesthetics, techniques and carriers of the urban guerilla and its penetration into mass design. OUT OF STH vol.3 is the next edition of the event following the famous and awarded exhibitions External Artists. OUT OF STH (2008) and OUT OF STH presents (2010) realized by BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art. The catalogue summarizes the past exhibitions, realizations and activities in urban space focusing on the issue of the city in the social and political dimension.

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  • Editors: Sławek ZBK Czajkowski, Dominika Drozdowska, Joanna Sokalska, Joanna Stembalska
  • Authors of the texts: Sławek Czajkowski, Cedar Lewisohn, Aleksander Hudzik, Blandine Roselle, Piotr Słodkowski, Joanna Stembalska, Bogna Świątkowska
  • Designers: Grupa Projektor / Joanna Jopkiewicz & Paweł Ł. Borkowski
  • Year of publication: 2012
  • Language of publication: Polish, English
  • Publisher: BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art
  • Cover type: paperback
  • Dimensions: 235×310 mm
  • Number of pages: 112
  • ISBN: 978-83-89308-97-9