Wojciech Gilewicz. Sale


The DVD contains an educational film accompanying the exhibition SALE /WYPRZEDAŻ by Wojciech Gilewicz presented at the Awangarda BWA Wrocław gallery in 2011. The film had its premiere at the exhibition finissage on 15 May 2011. The documentary focuses on educational activities in cultural institutions. It motivates the viewers to look at the painting medium anew.

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  • Written and directed by: Monika Weychert Waluszko
  • Producer: BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art, PlePle.tv
  • Pictures: Ziemowit Jaworski, Arek Świtała
  • Editing: Ziemowit Jaworski
  • Graphic design: Rafał Sosin
  • Graphic design of the film: Paweł Jara
  • Lesson plan: Karolina Vyšata
  • Translation: Łukasz Mojsak
  • Proofreading: David A. Goldfarb
  • Duration: 22’48