Kostas Kiritsis. Cywilizacje


A catalogue of the exhibition prepared within the framework of the Lower Silesian Festival of Art, presented in 2004 at BWA Awangarda Gallery in Wrocław. The exhibition was the first large solo show of photographs of the Polish artist of Greek origin – Kostas Kiritsis.

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  • editor: Elżbieta Łubowicz
  • text: Elżbieta Łubowicz
  • graphic design: Łukasz Kujawski
  • year of publication: 2004
  • language of publication: Polish, English
  • publisher: OKiS Wrocław
  • type of cover: paperback
  • size: 200×250 mm
  • number of pages: 48
  • ISBN: 83-87104-95-7