BIURO nr 7. Skóra (2/2013)


The edition of the magazine is devoted to the skin. The largest organ in the human body mediates between the organism and everything that is outside. This boundary between the interior and exterior keeps being shifted, which is influenced not only by scientific developments, technology, social and worldview revolutions, but also by fiction.

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  • editor in chief: Anna Mituś
  • texts: Patryk Balawender, Beata Bartecka, Cleo Dubois, Marta Gniewkowska, Michał Grzegorzek, Anka Herbut, Anna Kaczmarczyk, Mediumblog, Anna Mituś, Michał Niechaj, Anita Olejniczak, Katarzyna Roj, Łukasz Rusznica, Bartosz Sadulski, Jacek Schodowski, Klara Wilk, Bartłomiej Zdunek, Magdalena Zięba
  • editors: Beata Bartecka, Łukasz Rusznica
  • graphic design: Maciej Lizak
  • year of publication: 2013
  • language of publication: Polish
  • publisher: BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art
  • type of cover: paperback
  • size: 210×280 mm
  • number of pages: 92
  • ISSN: 2081-2434