Olaf Brzeski. The Self-Seeker


The catalogue accompanied Olaf Brzeski’s four exhibitions: The Fall of the Man I Don’t Like, Shine, The Self-Seeker and For My Eyes Only. The latter was a multi-threaded story of a private, internally created world seen by the artist, who attempts to explore the dark side of human nature in the presence of viewers.

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  • editors: Stach Szabłowski, Olaf Brzeski, Patrycja Sikora
  • authors: Stach Szabłowski, Patrycja Sikora, Katarzyna Roj, Kamila Wielebska, Olaf Brzeski / Sławomir Rumiak
  • graphic design: Maciej Lizak
  • year of publication: 2013
  • language of publication: Polish, English
  • publisher: BWA Wrocław Galleries Of Contemporary Art
  • copublisher: Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Adam Mickiewicz Institute
  • type of cover: paperback
  • dimensions: 210x270mm
  • number of pages: 170
  • ISBN: 978-83-63505-03-5