Inc. Sztuka wobec korporacyjnego przejmowania miejsc publicznej ekspresji (w Polsce)


A publication accompanying the exhibition curated by Kazimierz Piotrowski, presented in 2004 at XX1 Gallery in Warsaw, BWA in Zielona Góra, BWA Awangarda Gallery in Wrocław, National Museum in Szczecin, Program Gallery in Warsaw, BWA Gallery in Bielsko and Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdańsk. The numerous issues tackled by the Inc. exhibition included the question of how art uses trademarks of well-known corporations and other, e.g. national and religious, symbols.

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  • editor: Kazimierz Piotrowski
  • text: Kazimierz Piotrowski
  • year of publication: 2004
  • language of publication: Polish
  • publisher: Galeria XX1, MICHEL – Studio Reklamowe, Galeria PROGRAM
  • type of cover: paperback
  • size: 165×236 mm
  • number of pages: 136
  • ISBN: 83-921182-1-9