BIURO No. 14&15. Spreading knowledge and better lessons (1 & 2/2017) [PL]


The issue is about life in the thicket of knowledge and how to find a place in it, with a series of texts sketching the shape of knowledge in the landscape of modern culture, compiled by Marek Krajewski. It also contains a questionnaire about artists’ activities as well as interviews with Andrzej Ptak and Tomek Opania on the issue of art education. Expect a bit of horror too – Beata Bartecka writes about cognitive freedom. Other contributors include Julia Szychowiak, Aleksandra Wałaszek, Maryna Tomaszewska, Warstwy Group and Frantisek Lozinski o.p.s.

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  • editor in chief: Anna Mituś
  • authors: Krzysztof Abriszewski, Beata Bartecka, Rafał Drozdowski, Karolina J. Dudek, Mirosław Filiciak, Michał Grzegorzek, Hubert Kostkiewicz, Marek Krajewski, Anna Mituś, Andrzej W. Nowak, Tomasz Opania, Andrzej Ptak, Julia Szychowiak, Ola Wałaszek
  • graphic design: Kama Sokolnicka
  • year of publication: 2017
  • language of publication: polski
  • publisher: BWA Wrocław Galerie Sztuki Współczesnej
  • type of cover: miękka
  • size: 210×295 mm
  • ISSN: 2081-2434